Respect Treaties of the Alliance

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Respect Treaties of the Alliance

Post  Lord Hoag on Sun Aug 16, 2009 7:40 am

Do not attack our allies. Our clerics spend a good deal of time negotiating our diplomatic treaties. They are designed to give us leverage in our day to day struggles and strength as we move toward end game many months from now. We have taken the long view from day one. Our friends are our friends and our enemies are our enemies. That is very straight forward although we have seen players unable to grasp that basic concept. We NEVER want to see our own players not understand that! What good is our word if we allow our members to break it.

We do not attack our own alliance members. This includes those who go yellow. If they are in the alliance, attacking them is a violation of Travian rules and, at the least, the game admins will cut your crop production, and at the worst, they may ban you from the server. Those who go yellow will be kicked and an MM will be sent to all members telling them that the offender is fair game.

We do not attack wings and confeds. They are extensions of ourselves. If we do not have them, we will not have a meta-alliance and it will be impossible to make it through end game as anything but observers.

We do not attack those we share a non-aggression pact (NAP). There is a reason behind each NAP being negotiated.

The Lord Hoag cannot be bothered with these matters. Speak to my worthless servant, Duke Hoagalbee!
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