Goals of the Alliance at Outset

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Goals of the Alliance at Outset

Post  Lord Hoag on Sat Jul 25, 2009 11:09 pm

The Training Academy of the Grand Hoag is intended to be a training wing to another alliance. It is the goal of the Grand Hoag that all members will develop into better players and learn to grow. This alliance is NOT interested in rushing out and recruiting sixty players who we will then not have the ability to work with effectively.

Where will our members come from?

  • We will accept applications from players that we want to work with and we will selectively recruit from people who show an ability to learn.

  • We will take in players from the greater alliance who were not growing fast enough. Many times an alliance will find a player they want to work with but they need to cut another player to make room. We give the alliance a place to put that player while he or she learns to grow and develop.

  • We will have a small amount of excess capacity and serve as a holding spot for the main alliance to place people during embassy upgrades.

It is our goal that our alliance will be capable of standing on its own. While we expect that our affiliated alliance will be prepared to come to our assistance with troops if needed and we stand ready to offer assistance to other wings, we cannot grow and prosper if we are a drain on the greater group.

Our officers will not own the only armies of this alliance. We expect to have a mix of members who emphasis resource growth, population growth and military growth. For recommendation to be promoted to other wings, however, you will be expected to have an education in all three of these skill sets.
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