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Post  Mynameis on Sun Sep 27, 2009 4:10 pm

Hey there.
My(our) name is mynameisname...

We received a message from Hoagalbee about joining your alliance.
My account partner and I(yes we are a dual account but do not advertise it in our profile) have discussed it and wish to join your alliance. For the most part id expect you will be dealing with me and not him, hes much more the quiet type. Now, im relatively new to the game in comparison to him, he has played many servers and continues to do so. in some he is even a member of the top 100. now he has advised me to accept the request, and so we do.

My one issue is with taxes. Sofar we have had very bad experiences with push programs and their results, finding that we are often dishing out more resources than we receive from such programs. If it is mandatory to participate in this we will, but we would prefer, at least for the time being, to opt out if this system if possible. We collectively believe that taxes are economically damaging to our economy. Again, if you INSIST on taxing us we will oblige but we much prefer not to participate.

Thank you for your time
-Chris and Jack(me)/Mynameisname


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