Do Not Be Farmed

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Do Not Be Farmed

Post  Lord Hoag on Sat Jul 25, 2009 6:56 pm

You shall nor be farmed. When you are farmed, it means more than simply losing resources. It means that someone who has attacked our alliance has gained resources at our expense. They are going to use those resources to train more troops and to equip them with better armour and better weapons. They are going to come back and they will keep coming back as long as you make it worth their while.

They can see what alliance you are in. If you are weak and you are part of our alliance then they will see the rest of our alliance as weak. Your weakness will cause other members of the alliance to be attacked.

If you allow yourself to be farmed, then the alliance is going to be forced to react:

First, if you are giving up resources, then you might as well give them to us. You are going to be kicked and then the Grand Lord Hoag is going to lead the attacks against you.

Second, we will be forced to use our troops to teach the farmer that the rest of the alliance cannot be treated the way you have allowed yourself to be treated.
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